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Xavier Claes (° 1964) lives and works in his atelier among the magnificent rolling hills of the Flemish Ardennes, more specifically in Kluisbergen.


As a child, he was inspired by his grandfather who created impressionist-style oil paintings in his spare time. Xavier was always busy drawing and painting but early on started creating more constructive art work.  During his secondary school years, Xavier always came out top of his class in art (both in the field of creative and technical drawing techniques). The grim economic climate of 1982 made him reluctant to follow his creative passion and enrol at the Saint-Lucas art school in Gent. Instead, he obtained a Master in Economics degree at the UFSIA university of Antwerp.


Twenty years ago, following the death of his uncle Piet Bekaert, who was nationally and internationally renowned for both his poetic paintings and his more contemporary art work, Xavier went back to creating art inspired by his uncle.  The purchase of a new house full of empty walls was the ideal setting for creating an entire first collection.  Unfortunately his professional career took so much of his time and energy that he could no longer create as much as he wanted to.


As a result of the first lockdown period following the Corona pandemic and the disappearance of his full-time professional activity, Xavier was able to dedicate again all his time to art.  This resulted in the creation of a magnificent unique art work as a surprise gift for his loving wife Sofie on the occasion of her 50th birthday.

The art work consists of a big beautiful heart filled with 50 small glass hearts, 50 painted hearts and an infinity of golden hearts, as a reflection of his passion for her.


His wife and muse convinced him to follow his dream and make art his new profession. Xavier now creates various art works on a daily basis in different materials and sizes, covering a variety of current themes in order to make people reflect.

His art works are not only profound but are also a delight to the eye. 

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